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Why engage Bouyer and Associates Recruiting?

We offer low contingency-based placement costs paid only upon successful hire. It is important to establish a versatile recruiting partnership that will continually respond to your needs.
A relationship with Bouyer and Associates  offers:

  • Superior recruiting expertise. Each  Bouyer & Associates recruiter assigned to you has work experience in the Administrative Assistant category, our recruiting knowledge comes from first-hand experience in the role. We have faced and understood the same challenges as our candidates and our clients
  • Secure top talent.  The foundation of Bouyer & Associates Recruiting is the high-quality candidates that we proactively identify and recruit. For that reason, we are constantly networking with new, talented candidates and solidifying our relationships with those in our database.
  • Efficiently optimize staffing. There are a multitude of reasons for hiring an executive assistant and many of them are impossible to predict a year or quarter ahead. It is significantly advantageous for an organization to engage with a firm that, on any given day, can scale to exactly meet your demand.  Bouyer and Associates Recruiting is built to perform for you in this way.
  • Significantly lower attrition. A wider variety of properly assessed candidates leads to better hiring decisions. Accurate recruiting by  Bouyer and Associates allows you to build a team of loyal employees who are a cultural fit for your organization, retaining your talent with decreased training costs.


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